Well, as many of you may or may not know, the realm is dead. A look around, and you will see that there is no more enemies, as all you scared players jumped on them at a single time, because you traded your safety for the moment for the life of the realm.

GT, will be doing an expose, the master piece of sorts as to the life and time of CL4. Including the dark secrets in which were only spoken in private chat conferences. Which will be inclusive to betrayals in the resistance, and coalition. Also including the identities of the members behind GOR Times.

Stay tuned CL4, for you deserve a finally.

Best of luck,
GOR Times


The Truth

Tensions Rising

Well it looks like things are starting to cook up between TA and Illuminati. The leader board shows that Raine and Deviouss as Defensor, and Bellator.

Joky’s Love

TO all my vandals……The time has come to transition to a new home…..Vandals has been a strong alliance but that has changed. It is time to merge with awake. I know its difficlut to do. But we have been allies a long time. I went first to make it easier for you to come in. you will be surrounded by players just like you that will defend and attack no matter what. honestly there are not enough true vandals that can withstand what is coming. a global war……..You have trusted me for a long tme and we have kept you safe. Trust me now as we enter the next phase. I love you all and expect that you come to TA to continue………

Well it looks like Joky has decided to tuck Vandals in for the night. Its a cute lullaby, for killing their independence. But we have one too…

This little Vandal went to the market….This little Vandal Stayed home…..This little Vandal had roast beef….This little Vandal had none…This little Vandal went we we we we as Awakened stuck it in….

AND II’s Revenge

Well AND II got axed by the big sister, and MH took their place. But the former Chancellor of AND II, and a few followers took the path of forsaking the ways of the Ninja, and dawning the flag of the samurai. _Asterix_ took out a little steam on the new Chancellor of AND Clara.

No Longer JokysWorld?

Well reports are in, even more the leaderboard says it best. A large scale attack was taken on Joky and the Tyrant sitting at nearly 40 mil has been taken down to 20. We don’t know who was involved, but the stats speak for them selves. The Fallen strike back, which is interesting given the Vandals need in helping TA to hit Kash.

But this brings to light an even more pressing topic. The big boys on top normally smash an alliance out, and the glory hungry Join them, the weak quit, and the strong fight the good fight. But the question is, now that there are so many openly non coalition alliances left on the board, will the coalition win?

Well thats open to debate, but ultimately there is no winning. The Coalition, has driven out so many with their antics of not being able to fight one on one. Nor do they feel the need to adhere to any principals of farming. So they will either kill the enemies in which they created, and the realm will die. Or their self made enemies will quit and the realm will…die.

So we would like to thank and congratulate all of those involved in the partial sacking of the realms biggest scared fighter. And remind all, that the big V on the board may be reminiscent of Vandals, but the truth is Vandals are Vaginas.

Play on CL4!!!


I find your lack of reports most disturbing…

Well he said it best lol. The reports, the amount of reports we cant find is disturbing. Kabam on one of the very first Apollo run away trains, destroyed most of the old reports. We understand that there isn’t much that we can really do. But the old reports are very important to us. Having the old reports allows people to profile an enemy. When they attack, how they attack, do they scout or probe with cavs. And we find this information valuable.

Along with providing a basic amount of intel on battle mechanics, which seems to not be very important for Kabam to let the masses know. Having these reports gives people the ability to research, understand the “Force” of the game so to speak. Of course the reports aren’t full. IE general size, most advanced players know quite a bit about phase and formation, but then again a lot don’t. We are left to the mysteries to the game, and the lack of ability to follow in the footsteps of those who figured them out originally.