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Trade Federation

Well as a new edition to the game, the ability to trade resources between friendly alliances has been added. This will change the game in a new way. Sister alliances can now mobilize resources to one another better. It means that you can now “buy” your ways out of wars as well. We think that this will allow for a broader global community to erupt. Alliances can be friendly with other alliances for the sake of trade, and will open negotiations and ties to one another. There is rumors in the works of a mid sized alliance possibly hosting a global bank, which may include exchange rates. A stock market of sorts? We are 50/50 and whoever has that idea may be 50/51.

Forum Trades still aren’t up, I can imagine that Kabam is finding a way to get gold out of you before they allow us to trade with each other. But all things with time, and we look forward to the new way of Claudius 4, the trading abilities may mean that there is less war and more trading, or paying to live in this realm.

Gotta love some battle droids!


Extinction of the Megladon

Big sharks, caught the stream of opportunity and given certain environmental factors, allowed these big sharks to become super predators. For a while it was good, there was balance, enough food to sustain this new breed of Super Predators. However all things must come to an end, and today Kabam announced their end. Why Super Predators? We call them super predators, for a good reason. Because super predators have certain characteristics that are rather scary, when food gets low.


1. Highly agressive nature

2. Similar species consumption

3. Cannibalism.


It will be necessary, simply put. The members on the leader board, are bigger than some active alliances. All rules will be broken during this time, and we imagine that over the next month there are going to be significant changes to the face of Cl4. Alliances will be breaking smaller alliances simply to help loose their mass. The super predators will be in competition with each other to keep their size and status. Smaller alliances will form pacts or in packs to survive this transition. A faithfully wise quote “If you cant beat them, join them.” Be on the defensive this next month, and watch with intrigue. The over aggressive nature, can resort to devouring sister alliances, and even their own members.

To the East side…

Well it looks like RomanRepublic got a good start this week, with a gathering of at least 20 new members. RR now sits at rank 12 with 179 MG and 55 members. We dont know if there is a merger going on, all we can say is that RR is making its way up the board quickly. With Amedeaus and what looks to be an all star line up of former UKR players, we don’t know what diff’rent strokes this alliace is going through. But will surely will claim its own seat on the top 10. We would like any member to clue us in as to whats going on at RR, but for now, looks like they’re a’ movin on up!

We apologize

It was brought to our attention that on the article “More or less.” That the information provided wasn’t entirely accurate. Vandals & Holy Warriors are sister alliances as well as Untouchables and Eveolution. What was meant by the article was that sister alliances with the same names are going to be far both being top 20. It is an observation, and what we believe is that what was once separate alliances will become sister alliances. All things written on here are open to interpretation, and if you feel our words have been said to be hostile in nature, or favoring one side or the other, we apologize. We take a neutral stand on articles written here. This blog is for entertainment value, and is the hopes of the writers that we keep more players playing, to have our efforts be informative, and open doors. It was a lack of diligence on our part to not mention that by “sister” we meant same name alliances. However we do appreciate the checking of our facts by the public. We will not change the article, we do not filter the responses, we hold this to be an open forum where contradictory facts and opinions are welcome. We hope that it does not offend anyone, however all opinions will in time. An official apology to Untouchables, Eveolution, Vandals, and Holy warriors and any other sister alliances without the same name residing on the top 20, goes out to you from us.

Thank you,


It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!

So wow! The new add on that is a must have to any and every city. The apothecary, so if any of you Mini Roman Emperors haven’t taken your shot at playing the mad scientist card, you should definetly give it a try.

To bring back 1,000 Cents back form the dead:

1,000 = 1 hr 18 minutes (lvl 10) 270,000 silver


Creating 1000 cents

@ 14 lvl 9 + 1 lvl 10 Barracks & Workshop lvl 10

1,000 = 1 hr 21 minutes + 1 mil food, 500k lumber, 100k stone & 1.1 mil iron.


So hands down the verdict goes to the Apothecary, and the bonus is you now have something to do with all that silver. How is this going to affect the game you ask? This is the cup of homemade chicken noodle soup, and the good nights rest for the common ass whooping in GOR. It also appears that the sick troops remain in the Apothecary. Is unfortunate that this procedure isn’t any faster nor that you can set troops to heal in bulk/waves like you can create them. But all in all this is an exciting addition to the game, and no doubt will keep players playing longer. So to all of you, feel free to play Dr.Frankenstein it will change the game in an amazing way!



Welcome to Claudius 4

Welcome all to a new face on CL4, the biggest little online city in the world. Where you can meet anyone and everyone from different origins, race, languages, income, and personality. Today’s Cl4 is consistently changing in order to preserve order. But if you would like to take a trip to our beloved home, you should make sure you pay respects to the don. There isn’t one thing he going on that he doesn’t know about, and if you wish to call CL4 your home. Surely you have spoken to him. His name is Domus and he The Awakened’s Chancellor, you can call him the king of kings. But no matter who you are, you show the don his respects.

“I am just a man, with many friends.”

Thats right, many friends in many places, You may think that you have the physical ability to take him. Some of you definitely could, however when the army of henchmen beating down doors comes…CL4 just isn’t big enough to hide in. Today is tops off to this man, originally part of Caesars Legion, this cat doesn’t need to boast, you just know who he is. He leads a strict but fair empire. Make no mistakes an Empire. Through strives of his own, took the former members of Vengeance and Revenge, cut the fat out, and made a mean machine. His Empire now sits over 500M Glory and has no intention of stopping. If TA was a stock, you would surely be an overnight millionaire. Nonetheless, this man is so powerful, he could tell you where you sit on the leader board, and you would make it so. Hats off to the Don of CL4, a mighty ruler.

His little friend isn’t a M4 with a grenade launcher, but its about as deadly :0

More or less?

To be or not to be that is the question, twether it is nobler to do the least, or greater to do the more?


A trend is setting upon Claudius 4, the trend of being bigger with less players. It seems in the past that alliances raced to have 100 members and start their second alliance as testimonial to their might. The new trend however, is less players more strength. Today CL4 now prefers quality over quantity. This may have something to do with the realm being closed. But possibly even more to do with the fact that a smaller alliance offers better potential. Larger alliances tend to leak, whether at war or being farmed, the cause is usually by the smaller players who are less active. Whatever the reason, the big boys of CL4 no longer prefer this, and choose the seasoned reliable player instead. With a growing trend to merge or pact with a similar alliance, we may also see the end of sister alliances. Sisters carry the burden of each other, and take one another into war. UKR, we are happy to report seems to be doing well, and don’t let the drop in ranking fool you, there is merging a foot! UKR may be the last sisters alliances on the top 20. As quoted before the new fad is war pacts, and as seen with TA-Untouchables-AND 1 & 2-EVEO, if you mess with one you mess with all. One alliance can’t do it for everybody, maybe a reason why sisters will fail.