CL 4, The Splinter Group

It seems that the big names of Claudius 4 have slowly drifted apart, forming new alliances and new policies. A quick look around the top 20, and many familiar faces are gone. With many new alliances eager to take their place. Some of the new alliances to name a few:

HELLS Waiting



These new groups have splintered off of Larger alliances, headed by seasoned new idealized leaders! Following the trend of Knights Templar, and host a smaller number of more dedicated players. We wait to see with anticipation what this new trend of small concentrated alliances has to bring to Claudius 4. And with the new revisions by Kabam hosting the Great Harvest , giving all members no upkeep for and unknown amount of time, we expect that these splinter alliances will take this opportunity to expand massively!

From us at GOR Times, We salute the independent!

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