Tag team Champions!

1-2-3 Ding Ding Ding! Baham Chancellor of Teutonic Order, Goes lights out in the first round with the tag team champions! It looks like TO may have gotten ahead of themselves and pulled a Thor on The Awakened. The Awakened and Untouchables, took little damage but sent many members of TO into hiding. Baham himself has relocated into Knights Templar, a very promising alliance, with 16 members and over 100 million glory. For the rest of TO, it seems a splinter group headed by none other that HELLSINGPRIEST, called Hell’s Waiting has quickly risen to the ranks of the top 10.

A large congratulations from GOR Times to The Awakened & Untouchables for another amazing round of disaster. It seems that the longer this duo has been top dogs in Cl4, the faster alliances crash and burn.

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