Deadly Alliance

This may perhaps be the only way that The Awakened would fall off the board. It would require many members to forsake the grudges that disbanded them and unite for a common enemy under a single banner.

KT+BD+Hells waiting+Roman Republic= Massive

These members from originally from Big Dogs and UKR, and every other corner of CL4 could take The awakened. They would have to shed a number of small members between each alliance but this Deadly Alliance would take #1 by force overnight with an astounding 435MG. Once the Tag team champions dropped a ranks each, you would see other alliances quick to join in on the vengeance on The Awakened.

Will this happen? No probably not, the great leaders of CL4 have been decapitated, and everyone knows who ever is Top Dog is a dictator. So why replace one set of decent dictators, with another possibly worse one? Plus this deadly alliance would soon collapse, with past tensions and a crippled top 10 list. All while the The Awakened would pull together again, with a new leader, and reclaim what is surely theirs.

Again, hats off to the Awakened, it seems that most peoples fantasies of removing you from the top spot is even short lived.

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