Is it getting Retro?

When I look across the alliance list, I see DESTROYER and the first image that pops in to mind is a Failed 80’s band with black leather pants, a torn band shirts with ridiculous hair styles. However that is not the case.

Destroyer, a post TOR II holocaust, group. With a whopping 12 members, sits at 15 mil on the leader board. Headed by a First_Knight, a reputable warrior who served in both TOR and TOR II on many occasions, and would be considered to be a decorated titan by anyone. We can only speculate why Knight had left the titans, but today we give ode to those who do not follow the norm. And refuse to be thrown into battle carelessly by over indulged dictators. These splinter groups face incredible odds as the leaders of the board now sit 2x higher than they did before the great war. These groups have to face their actions of past wars, with out having the same support and strength behind them.

The True heroes of Claudius 4, are these groups that embrace the cold with the warm in this realm. And today From Gor Times, we celebrate the fathers of these independent factions.

First_Knight & Destroyer, we salute you!

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