MaD HaTtEr Watch!

It appears that Mad Hatters have made a glorious return to the Top 20!  Its seems that there has been a swelling of members requesting to join Mad Hatters. It is hard to pin point what caused this sudden move of popularity with the Hatters, but one thing is certain. Hatters have endured and they will prevail. An alliance that moved over from KOC, and have been in Claudius 4 for a long time. The Hatters have endured war from multiple top 10 alliances, and still they remain. It looks like hatters have but forth their own technique, and simply put “If you build it, they will come.” A congratulations is in order for the hatters, however competition to be on the top 20 seems to be fierce. Good Luck!


    • Isabelle
    • June 19th, 2011

    Mad Hatters is a great group of people who enjoy playing the game together. We try to stick together no matter what and we always help each other out. We do have our own technique and we pride ourselves with our way of doing things.

    We always welcome people who want to grow and have fun together to hang with us!

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