Powder Keg

The troop upkeep has gone, and so has the realistic levels players are achieving.  There are almost five members with over 15 million glory, and two over 20. The top 100 is going to reach new heights as the bounds of having high troops, are gone…For now. So, what do we predict? The next grand war, small alliances will be farmed to oblivion while players attempt to keep up with their inflated armies upkeep demands. In reality war will be necessary on the simply because upkeep will be too demanding and nations will war simply to loose troops. What will need to happen? I can imagine that the Axis powers (The Awakened, Untouchables, Akatsuki New Dawn, Evolution) Will take hold of Claudius 4. So Where are the allies? Shot to hell, BD/Titans/UKR/anyone else. Will put up a good fight, however I imagine that it will be short lived at best. Anyone else staying out of it, will fall, in time. As active players are reliable farming grounds. And the Sith don’t share power.



So what do we suggest? We suggest to Kabam to make an expansion of the realm, to be 1000×1000, or more. It would make sense to keep the game going, plus the Empire would have to expanded or collapsed. Or dedicated themsleves to Jesus by now.

    • hogie
    • June 19th, 2011

    I see this will happen too. Because i have a job in the real world i will become a farm for a very short period then i will raise my taxes to 100%, my population will leave and my cities will stop production…..

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