Grand Julius Watch

From what we can gather It looks like GJ no longer in in command of Big dogs in Claudius 4. Sir_Bama has taken over the Julius’s throne and Calls big dogs his own. However As seen with Thor & the Titans, this move is not what it seems to be. It has to come to attention that GrandJulius now has a new expansion in which he commands with an iron fist. Tidus 207 is the new home of this great leader, with a loyal VC by the name of GMax. His alliance is called Claudius 4, bold with a respect for the past and will to move into the future. This alliance with less than 10 members, already hosts rank 26 in this new realm. The name apparently calls to a number of members who are from CL4, hosting a motley crew of Former Big dogs, ex-venge, ex-titans, and whatever else this melting pot can get its hands on. Congratulations are in order, and we watch with great anticipation. Tidus may be the largest gathering of members from every realm, and could possibly be the most competitive realm we have seen thus far.


    • Amarillo
    • June 22nd, 2011

    I think you are right that Titus is going to be the most competitive domain out there with so many really great and experienced players there it should be a lot of fun to see what comes of it. 🙂

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