Are you feeling lucky?…Punk

It appears that Mad Hatters have gotten into a skirmish with another alliance. It seemed like in a matter of moments MH had taken a 3 mil hit and fell below the Kashyyyk in the race for recognition. Isabelle chancellor of MH was quoted over global “it seems they are too afraid to attack the alliances of their own size. lol.”  And  “i didn’t hit them. lol. they hit me. not nice to hit a lady. not nice at all.” However she does not mention who the attackers are, and GOR Times will not presume. What is in question is the race for rank 20. Though this is not much of a feat for certain people, these mid sized alliances will surely have their eye on this prize. Our prediction, nope nay not going there. However one might say that the top 20 is a little too much for an alliance that hangs on the south side. So we will leave this article at:

The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

Ehh…Who are we kidding they’re all pretty ugly….

  1. Everyone knows who the alliance is that I was hit by. lol. its no secret.

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