Akatsuki New Dawn

Akatsuki (ꚁ; Literally meaning “Dawn” or “Daybreak”) is a criminal organisation of S-Class missing-nin and is the most wanted group in all of the shinobi world. Their main goal is to collect all of the tailed beasts for their plan of world domination. As such, Akatsuki, despite initially having a minor role during Part I, has become the primary antagonist in Part II.

Well as usual, you are surprised what a Google search can bring. Akatsuki, a crime syndicate in the anime series Narutu, has staked its claim on CL4. From the depths of the bottom 20, this alliance has moved to the top 10, and cemented its place. Now sitting at rank 4, with a sister alliance in rank 23, this may be one of the few alliances that has a productive little sister. Akatsuki made their claim on the top 10 when they engaged the Titans head on. Though both sides have took losses, and the war was eventually a draw. We see AND holding a grip on its power, and holding strong. Many well known fighters reside in the empire of AND, and from the looks of it, Have no intention of leaving. We hope that AND will remain to keep their cool head in the midst of a cold wars and continue their reign on CL4. From us at Gor Times, we embrace the new dawn.

It has come to our attention that the former Chancellor of AND 2, is MIA. Regardless of your new affiliations, or simply name we wish you fortune on your travels.

    • TYN
    • June 24th, 2011

    very gd i like this keep up the gd work man

    • Clara
    • June 24th, 2011

    You clearly have no idea of the history of AND

    • It was simply an ode to AND, if you have something you want posted please send me something. This Blog is to give people pride in the work and strives that they have created, however we don’t know everything. We would like to make things more accurate, and we don’t spin rumors. Thanks for your input. We looks forward to more comments, and possibly a better article.

        • Clara
        • June 25th, 2011

        AND were top 10 in Claud from day 1 of the Domain. We very briefly dropped to 11th during the war with Vengeance but aside from that have always been top 10. You are correct however when you say that our well known fighters have no intention of leaving.

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