Helen of Troy

It could be considered a compliment, it could be interpreted as being the biggest mistake of all time. However we have awarded a single player this title, which could have just as easily been the Trojan Horse, however we take a moment to look back into the history of CL4 and recognize Isis.


Isis, founder of Vengeance, and destroy of the Titans. Your story mirrors that of Helen of Troy in the sense that you are and were a treasure that Vengeance coveted, and moved over to the Titans, and the results were an empire in ruins. Regardless of you role, actual or implied in the chaos that destroyed a number of alliances, and brought many more anew. You are big part in the shaping of Claudius 4, and today’s alliance page reflects you. Your avatars beauty has been the destroyer of men, and a price was paid heavily by many active and former players. Today we salute you. We hope your move to Tidus 207 is productive one, and that your alliance legion is to be successful.


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