Alexander the Great

Here at Gor Times, we believe it is time to honor a person who has been mentioned many times, and give them credit for their feats. The title of Alexander the Great goes to no one less than Thorshammer, of Titans of Rome.

You somehow amassed a grand army, with loyal generals, and fierce competitive nature that brought you many victories. However it may have been that your dreams were simply too large for most to see. Like Alexander the Great you lead a fierce campaign and for a long time, and it was successful. However with dreams and ambitions so large, you may have forgotten to take care of your men along the way. Somewhere between all of the fighting many Titans seemed to loose hope as there seemed to be no end in sight. Your willingness to massacre your enemies to no end, placed fear in the hearts of many. Today we pay tribute to you Thor, your influence on CL4 cannot be forgotten and the disturbances that were felt around the realm was simply the drum of war that the Titans played as the marched forward to victory. You are a great leader, and today Gor Times plays the drum of war to your tune.

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