Is there a doctor in the house?

From the looks of it UKR is taking large hits on both sides, now sitting at rank 10 and rank 14 the once giant conglomerate, which held 3 successful alliances all top 20 material is facing turmoil. Inside reports reveal that the leadership is holding, however both alliances appear to be bleeding members. None the less, these two alliances are still packing 320 mil glory combined. The question on everyone’s mind; will they pull through? Bleeding members is a tell tell sign of a failing alliance, as seen in BD & TOR its the firsts symptom of catastrophe. So we now go to a specialist to try to get rid of this symptoms.

Doctor, Doctor! What can we do?

Well with a Doctorate in GOR and a degree in writing blogs. Stop attacking the massive Mother F*ckers at the top of the board! I know, I know your ego wont let you, however sometimes you must admit defeat for a round and come back next time swinging.

But what do we do, if we don’t win next round?

Well do like the rest of CL4 and admit that The Awakened is like a large gorilla touching you… Just let him do what hes going to do, and don’t struggle. They like it when you squirm.

But I feel weird being touched like that.

Well you will get use to it, in time you might even like it!

The doctor is very serious…lol

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