Can’t touch this

Looking at the board, you see every alliance pushing the bounds of conceivable glory like an endless race to a non existant finish line. Today we take a look at the Untouchables, and notice their rise to stardom. Like every other alliance, they made top 20 and looked up at the former towering alliances. Through strives of their members, and a resiliency to fail. Untouchables now claim CL4 as their own. Their isn’t an alliance to date who would like to touch these bad mamajamas. Sitting at rank 2, 99 members and a whopping 403MG. Gaz, destroyer of alliances is the beast of this roaring machine, and knows a little bit more about politics & war than any other chancellor that held rank 2 in CL4. Sitting with only 5 members on the top 30, these band of people have moved to their rightful place is CL4.Untouchables is home to Midgiticus, many may know him from global, being a very social personality, and owning the trade mark of Mooo. Many say that tentions between alliances and people  have been diverted by midge with “the call of the wild” that we claimed as ours in CL4. Hats off to The Untouchables, for living up to the boldness that your name states.

And you know…You Can’t touch this…

    • Gaz
    • June 24th, 2011

    Just wanted to say thank you for the nice words you have said about myself and my members. We all appreciate them.

    Just wanted to say that you’ve missed out the fact that the sister alliance to Untouchables; Eveolution, has been risen to 6th place through our hard work on both ends.

    Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that Eveolution are our sister, who we hold dearly, and they are totally off bounds. We will defend them like we defend our own; To the death.


    • Ascension
    • June 25th, 2011

    Hey just wanted to say we appreciate the kind words and that my path of destruction doesn’t have an end in sight. To also reinforce that Eveo is our sister and my baby being as I was it’s chancellor but stepped down to be warmachine…..and any attacks against them will be personal as if you attacked me, and I will spill the blood of your armies and paint my walls an even deeper shade of red.

    Ascension, War Machine
    Officer of Untouchables

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