How the west will be won

A number of few updates to Gor will change the face of CL4. One of the updates, the removal of prefect positions. This will be a benefit to most people, as for now every general you have will be able to farm or war. Your bonuses will be determined now by your player level and deity. Kabam has kept the great harvest even going, until an unknown time, so from this point forward we will be on the Upkeep Watch. But what we really want acknowledge is the move by Kabam to put a 10 hold on porting. Probably the most intriguing time of the game when a player ports next to another and proceeds a violent attack. This type of warfare has crippled alliances and forced others to be allies. However with Kabams new hold we speculate what type of warfare this will bring.

We can imagine a draw, like the wild west, where alliances will gather their members for a single move to a province to mount offenses on the bulk of another alliance. We can also see that certain alliances will now taking refuge in a single province to be better ready for this type of attack. So when the clock hits 12, be ready to draw. 10 hours holding times, will create longer wars, and people can will start remembering as the battle for that province. This only a possibly outcome of the 10 hour hold, one that seems very logical. However the west is still to be won, and new ideas are bound to come up.


    • John
    • June 24th, 2011

    but they can port in attack pop truce then port out right before truce is up

  1. lol i love that part where u say commence with a violent attack as if there is another kind


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