Khava…Rumble in the jungle.

Following the new trend in Cl4 of a splinter faction, Khava of Transplania has left with a few members to form Agnonesi. The exact reasons for the split aren’t known at this time, but it appears that Khava wishes to form a stronger group, with more rapid acceleration. We here at Gor Times, always salute the independent, and wish them the best, you will probably have much luck in creating friendlies in the other splinter factions around CL4. Maybe some time agression pact between all of you? Either way Congratulations.







Add picture here^

Well we would we just don’t know what an Agnonesi is…



  1. moooooo moo moooo moooooooo!!!! moo

    • khava
    • June 25th, 2011

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