There can only be one…

Luckily the people of Kashyyyk aren’t going crazy with their new found rank of number 20 and going all highlander on SS & MH. Looks like Claarc or Master Yoda and his wookies are sticking to their principals.

“Dont be unwise, judge me not by size”

We feel that the reason for their move to top 20 with less members than MH & SS, is that, they stick to their principals. With no real enemies on the top 20, the wookies realize that the leaders of tomorrow, play ball today. Regardless of whatever happens, we feel that the wookies will now call the top 20 their permanent home.

In the race for the top 20, MH, SS & Kash were all within a 100k of each other, and the wookies broke free now in the lead by over 2MG. Why do we bet on Kashyyyk? Well beyond an exponential growth pattern, you must remember that they are the new kids on the block. SS & MH are old school alliances that have moved realm from realm with each other. Most of the Kash crowd are new to this type of game, and have made their own formula for success. Battle hardened by TOR, strong like the Titans, wise like a Jedi, and harry as a wookie. :p

Congrats Wookies, but being top 20 doesn’t make anything easier.

  1. lmao could u make it any clearer that this blog is published by the chanc or vc of kashykk. well i do enjoy the compariasons to the axis in wII but unlike them we always seem to win


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