More or less?

To be or not to be that is the question, twether it is nobler to do the least, or greater to do the more?


A trend is setting upon Claudius 4, the trend of being bigger with less players. It seems in the past that alliances raced to have 100 members and start their second alliance as testimonial to their might. The new trend however, is less players more strength. Today CL4 now prefers quality over quantity. This may have something to do with the realm being closed. But possibly even more to do with the fact that a smaller alliance offers better potential. Larger alliances tend to leak, whether at war or being farmed, the cause is usually by the smaller players who are less active. Whatever the reason, the big boys of CL4 no longer prefer this, and choose the seasoned reliable player instead. With a growing trend to merge or pact with a similar alliance, we may also see the end of sister alliances. Sisters carry the burden of each other, and take one another into war. UKR, we are happy to report seems to be doing well, and don’t let the drop in ranking fool you, there is merging a foot! UKR may be the last sisters alliances on the top 20. As quoted before the new fad is war pacts, and as seen with TA-Untouchables-AND 1 & 2-EVEO, if you mess with one you mess with all. One alliance can’t do it for everybody, maybe a reason why sisters will fail.

    • Amarillo
    • June 27th, 2011

    Well….if the titans are in it to win it then my money would be on them anyday!! Don’t know much about the other players but when Thorshammer puts his mind to something he always finds a way to make it happen! And for the record….some of the above information is incorrect….:)

    • Gaz
    • June 27th, 2011

    AGAIN, you have forgotten something.



    That makes 2 sets of sister alliances in the top 10, HIGHER THAN UKoR.

    Do we have to repeat ourselves??

    • Yes, thank you Gaz for you input as always, however what was meant by the article is alliances bearing the same name. Again the article is written in perspective, and is interpreted as such. We don’t define, an alliance as evil, what is meant by this article is to show, that the alliances can no longer be dictators. In order for alliances to prevail simply they have to be reasonable. This is a tribute blog, and we don’t spin rumors.

      Sister alliances tend to not be the growing trend and by sister we mean XXXX, & XXXXII. The trend seems to be moving outward.

  1. its an uncomfortable truth the people who write this blog face gaz. its hard to want to admit that the alliances they like to think are evil and destroying the game have helped build and nurture hundreds of the most active players in the game. perhaps they should look at how untouch/eveo and vandals/ holy warriors did this instead of whining about how unfair it is that we always seem to win and they dont.


    • Amarillo
    • June 30th, 2011

    Now….no need to go and get bent there john 😉 Hehe…i only mentioned that some of the statements were incorrect; i didn’t specify which. Given that i don’t believe that either one of us knows all the facts for certain…..i still believe that is a fair statement to make. I do however stand behind the titans as we all love to love them and love to hate them. No matter where the story goes, we all really love to talk about the titans. Long live the TITANS!!! 🙂 Ams.

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