Welcome to Claudius 4

Welcome all to a new face on CL4, the biggest little online city in the world. Where you can meet anyone and everyone from different origins, race, languages, income, and personality. Today’s Cl4 is consistently changing in order to preserve order. But if you would like to take a trip to our beloved home, you should make sure you pay respects to the don. There isn’t one thing he going on that he doesn’t know about, and if you wish to call CL4 your home. Surely you have spoken to him. His name is Domus and he The Awakened’s Chancellor, you can call him the king of kings. But no matter who you are, you show the don his respects.

“I am just a man, with many friends.”

Thats right, many friends in many places, You may think that you have the physical ability to take him. Some of you definitely could, however when the army of henchmen beating down doors comes…CL4 just isn’t big enough to hide in. Today is tops off to this man, originally part of Caesars Legion, this cat doesn’t need to boast, you just know who he is. He leads a strict but fair empire. Make no mistakes an Empire. Through strives of his own, took the former members of Vengeance and Revenge, cut the fat out, and made a mean machine. His Empire now sits over 500M Glory and has no intention of stopping. If TA was a stock, you would surely be an overnight millionaire. Nonetheless, this man is so powerful, he could tell you where you sit on the leader board, and you would make it so. Hats off to the Don of CL4, a mighty ruler.

His little friend isn’t a M4 with a grenade launcher, but its about as deadly :0

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