It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!

So wow! The new add on that is a must have to any and every city. The apothecary, so if any of you Mini Roman Emperors haven’t taken your shot at playing the mad scientist card, you should definetly give it a try.

To bring back 1,000 Cents back form the dead:

1,000 = 1 hr 18 minutes (lvl 10) 270,000 silver


Creating 1000 cents

@ 14 lvl 9 + 1 lvl 10 Barracks & Workshop lvl 10

1,000 = 1 hr 21 minutes + 1 mil food, 500k lumber, 100k stone & 1.1 mil iron.


So hands down the verdict goes to the Apothecary, and the bonus is you now have something to do with all that silver. How is this going to affect the game you ask? This is the cup of homemade chicken noodle soup, and the good nights rest for the common ass whooping in GOR. It also appears that the sick troops remain in the Apothecary. Is unfortunate that this procedure isn’t any faster nor that you can set troops to heal in bulk/waves like you can create them. But all in all this is an exciting addition to the game, and no doubt will keep players playing longer. So to all of you, feel free to play Dr.Frankenstein it will change the game in an amazing way!



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