We apologize

It was brought to our attention that on the article “More or less.” That the information provided wasn’t entirely accurate. Vandals & Holy Warriors are sister alliances as well as Untouchables and Eveolution. What was meant by the article was that sister alliances with the same names are going to be far both being top 20. It is an observation, and what we believe is that what was once separate alliances will become sister alliances. All things written on here are open to interpretation, and if you feel our words have been said to be hostile in nature, or favoring one side or the other, we apologize. We take a neutral stand on articles written here. This blog is for entertainment value, and is the hopes of the writers that we keep more players playing, to have our efforts be informative, and open doors. It was a lack of diligence on our part to not mention that by “sister” we meant same name alliances. However we do appreciate the checking of our facts by the public. We will not change the article, we do not filter the responses, we hold this to be an open forum where contradictory facts and opinions are welcome. We hope that it does not offend anyone, however all opinions will in time. An official apology to Untouchables, Eveolution, Vandals, and Holy warriors and any other sister alliances without the same name residing on the top 20, goes out to you from us.

Thank you,


  1. well that was prompt and thank you


    • Amarillo
    • June 28th, 2011


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