Trade Federation

Well as a new edition to the game, the ability to trade resources between friendly alliances has been added. This will change the game in a new way. Sister alliances can now mobilize resources to one another better. It means that you can now “buy” your ways out of wars as well. We think that this will allow for a broader global community to erupt. Alliances can be friendly with other alliances for the sake of trade, and will open negotiations and ties to one another. There is rumors in the works of a mid sized alliance possibly hosting a global bank, which may include exchange rates. A stock market of sorts? We are 50/50 and whoever has that idea may be 50/51.

Forum Trades still aren’t up, I can imagine that Kabam is finding a way to get gold out of you before they allow us to trade with each other. But all things with time, and we look forward to the new way of Claudius 4, the trading abilities may mean that there is less war and more trading, or paying to live in this realm.

Gotta love some battle droids!

  1. Hey John thanks for following the blog, and your active participation. There is a number of people who are wondering what your alliance affiliation is? If you don’t feel like answering, we respect that.

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