My best friend, my worse enemy…

It appears that once allied individuals have broken out into a skirmish. Khava former member of Transplania, and chancellor of Agnonesi Vs. former ally Cle0patra and Transplantia. It appears that Khava won this battle, but even further won this war. The battle took place over an hour but its outcome is clear, Agnonesi rank 17 and Transplania rank 20. Reports say that Khava had the battle entirely, its sad to see a fued where friends could have been. But Khava set out on her goal, to make an alliance that was advanced in tactics, and growth and obviously did it. Who shot first? No one knows, Gor Times is a fan of a good battle, but love to see the underdog win! Will this be the end of Transplania? We don’t know but hats off to you Khava and to Agnonesi! Welcome to the Top 20, but never forget this is where the big sharks play.

Is Khava gonaa have to slap a b*tch?

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