Rivitir, to return…

Thorshammer, dubbed by this blog as Alexander the Great, now returns back to CL4 as the Chancellor of Titans of Rome. Also having a successful expansion going on in Augustus 201 a top alliance in that realm. Thor is dubbed by us a returner. We hope that your stay in CL4 is a permanent one, as a Star Wars fan I would say look up Darth Revan. There is a bit of similarity to your journey, and that this return is an opportunity to start fresh. As we as a group mourn the loss of any character, regardless of our history with them. Congratulations, as in the words of Charlie Sheen you are “Bi-Winning.”

    • Amarillo
    • July 5th, 2011

    It is good to see Thorshammer return to Claudius 4…..the titans are never the same without him. Long live the TITANS! 🙂

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