Star Wars Episode 7, Rise of the Wookie, Fall of Destroyer, Spark of the Republic

Well just as shocked as you all were, taking a look at the leader board and seeing Kashyyyk rank 7. ???? Well it looks like these wookies merged. or added the bulk of the HW crew. So to the Wookies we say Congratulations, most never thought with a nerdy name like that, you would see the lights off the top 10. However we stand mistaken, The HW crew is going to need a mass amount of Rogaine, to catch up with your hairy crew.


From the looks of it, there has been a merging fever. It looks like the hippy era is coming to end.

“There is enough food for everybody mannnn.”

Destroyer, has merged with Agnonesi. Giving them the jump on Transplania in the last skirmish, and on the leader board. The real question on every bodies mind? Is merging enough? Well yes!…and no…. It can be enough, it also can not not not be enough…? (3x negative do the math!) We are holding on to the idea, that all alliances are going to take their fair share of crap. We can imagine that many people will have more troops in the apothecary than they care to revive. Which means… those resources can go to help out other members.

So to put it simply, what goes around will come around. The realm isn’t as big as it used to be, and if you think you won’t be hammered for resources, then you will. And if you know you won’t be hammered for resources, then you must be really really really big.


Time to get some R&R. Not Rest and Relaxation, but some RomanRepublic. These guys have taken the best of UKR II & III, and moved right up to top 5. Gor Times has watched with great anticipation, the rise of the ex UKR members. Looking at these guys, slowly climb the ladder, leads to one obvious conclusion. They’re gangster…

Well not so much…But You have to admit, the idea of a grouping of UKR players re-entering the Top ten, is an amazing feat! None the less, we wonder how TA is taking it, or if they just like their enemies to think they are big, before getting wiped out? Either way Hats off to RR.


Its with a look at the leader board, and you see that even though this is a temporary time of peace, you see that old enemies can coexist together, and there is a global activeness to not farm players out of the game. CL4, you are not dead. You just got all depressed for a moment, and was in to trying a few new things…And made a couple of mistakes and met this one guy who you were cool with…something happened that night when you were really drunk…and you guys are still cool…but you don’t talk about it…and he doesn’t call you…so you won’t call him… Get your head back in the game folks! This is a f*cking war game! Get in or get out!


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