Drum roll please…

Well upkeep kicks back on in just a few hours, and everyone is waiting in fear and anticipation. As we have all stored and hoarded for so much for so long; the question on everyone’s mind. “How long will it last?” Well between what you burn, and what other people are going to try and take. Well we just don’t know, many new alliances, pacts and mergers have gone down through this time of peace. But we think that most reserves of food will only last a few weeks. At that time, we watch to see how CL4 will do. Will things go back to normal, and players get back to their regular size? Well, we will see. Rumors are floating around about a possible realm merger between Cl4, and another world. We cant verify if this is happening, however many people are saying that a lot of work is being done to our realm. If its true, we wonder if it would make the realm 2x its size, after all there already doesn’t seem like there is enough wilds to go around. Germanic tribes are suppose to be attacking, not too many people worried about this, but should be more worried about what to expect. Will these tribes try to take back our/their wilds? Only time will tell, but one thing is very certain, today’s will bring forward a very different CL4..

    • Iapetus
    • July 7th, 2011

    looks like gor times is using fake profiles to instigate war through out the world how sad is it that the owner of gor times stays in the shadows

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