Well Guys, to be honest, we are internally having a stalemate between the creative staff and the writer. We feel that our initial goal of creating a positive blog, may be out of reach. We prided ourselves on not funneling shit to the masses, and giving credit to alliances where it is due. The problem, not enough credible sources. We wish that alliances, or members would give us full details about their members and their origins. This game though mostly 2-dimensional, with a bit of shading, is in fact 3d. We want to know more about the people themselves, about their strives in the game, and in real life. Who are these chancellors we ask? The ones that spend countless ours obtaining intel, real life resources, making policies and the hard choices that follow.

So, we will continue for the next 2 weeks, posting a number of articles that we have been working on. It isn’t easy collaborating over 2 continents. And then we will decide if its worth continuing. So if you have someone in your alliance, who you feel deserves some recognition. Give us some facts, make our job easier on us. A war cry even! We need some help folks, so if you enjoy the blog on occasion, shoot us some love for your alliance, and your people. No alliance, or person got big without the help of someone.


Thank you,


Writer Unonome

    • wth really
    • July 8th, 2011

    one can be about how awakened members are dropping out of awakened to hit friendly alliances then going back to awakened

    • the truth
    • July 8th, 2011

    Please do continue the blog. I, among many others very much enjoy this blog

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