We of the alliance Kashyyyk wish to have the following posted at Gor Times, as the response for our hostile actions, verbatim.

Through use of intelligence and diplomacy we have gathered information regarding the alliances that we have currently been at war with. No action from Kashyyyk or Mandalore is without reason or explanation. Including the attacks on TOR and First Legion.

After FL had farmed us multiple times as we moved up the ranks of the Alliance list, we had tried to bargain with them multiple times, to no resolution. The first response was:

“Join or be farmed.”

We then moved to Rank 15, and thought that our problems would be eliminated for being a top 20 alliance.

The result was:

“… However we are a top 10 alliance and reserve the right to farm any alliance 11+. If there are any cases of over farming then bring that to myself or any other officer’s attention to be resolved.”

We then moved to Rank 7 and spoke our way to a friendly status with FL. It was then, when we had merged with Hell’s Waiting when we had an excess of members, that we started a second alliance.  We then tried to negotiate a friendly term for our sister alliance. Given our policy of “No member left behind.”

The answer was:

100 Million of each resource, for friendly.

Our answer:

To announce to them that, Mandalore is Kashyyyk, there is one alliance, and that hostility towards one is the same to the other.

The lack of respect and disregard for our members, our sister, and us an alliance, is baffling, and is something that we feel needs to be acknowledged. Including having a member drop out of their alliance, attack a member 17 times, and allow him safe passage into FL once again, as our diplomacy was friendly at the moment.

Having inside knowledge, and friends over there, we gathered a conversation by the VC Angelicious and to a former member on their FB chat page, when we were at rank 23.

seb: brandy hey


seb can we attack Kashyyk
rank 23
TORII member’s

brandy Not yet

seb 10:24am
Gana prepare to take few their guy’s down
must eat brb

Just because they didn’t attack doesn’t mean that there wasn’t plans to, and to say the least we didn’t hit them to hard, just enough to make the message clear as possible.

We have taken our share of attacks, and farming as everyone else. Including having a wild stolen by a top 5 alliance, with no intent of return or reason for the attack. We as an alliance uphold to the highest levels of fair game play. However attacks on Mandalore, is an attack on Kashyyyk. We don’t have a sister alliance, to show how big or bold we are. We are simply living to our mandated rules of protecting any and every member of our alliance.

“We take Care of our own.”

“No member left behind.”

“One Alliance, One leadership, All United.”

These are the basic code of Kashyyyk and Mandalore, and these are the rules we abide by. We are not TOR and there is no action from us, without just cause.  We fight our own battles, win, or loose. It is with the thought of every member of our alliance, that we proceed with every step.


Iapetus-VC-Second in Command
Demented-VC Executive War Bringer
THE_FARMER-VC Head of Mandalore


  1. First Legion ascended the ranks of CL4 by befriending any alliance which was willing to shake hands with us. We sought as many allies as possible and refused no one – which in partisan CL4 was peculiar to say the least. We understood this friendly status with many alliances would eventually mean we would have to assist our allies in battles with their enemies and many times we did.

    When our friends have approached us for assistance, without hesitation, we gave it every time. Sometimes all of First Legion was mobilised, other times it was just a small group, but either way we sacrificed our own troops to help our allies cause. And we continue that philosophy now.

    As time went on and alliances changed we found that more and more of our “friends” were asking us for help, but never returning the favour when we needed them. In the past we were used in conflicts to create diversions or spearhead attacks with significant cost to First Legion and no real gain. We accepted this time and time again knowing that eventually we would be the ones in need of help and when that time came, we would need our allies by our side.

    Recently, First Legion has teetered on the edge of the Top 10 and First Legion II has been attacked vigorously by larger alliances and during that time we needed help. We messaged our allies and asked for assistance, but for the most part were flat out ignored. This lead us to the point where we realised, some alliances are just not able to assist us in battle. After heated discussions among officers about what to do with regard to whether we should ask for resources from “new” friendly requests, the decision was made that where a new alliance requests our friendship and is unable to support us in combat we would request they support us with resources. This was not intended to be a bribe for protection or a chance for small alliances to escape being attacked, but rather a simple gesture between parties that we will scratch your back if you scratch ours.

    We don’t view our allies as farms we can’t touch, but rather they are our friends and we will gladly lay down whatever troops we have if needed. All we expect in return is the same kind of mutual respect and provision of assistance if required.

    First Legion is a non-Hostile alliance. We typically steer clear of hitting low glory active players and where possible use diplomacy over conflict. In the past we have had members walk out of First Legion as they find our significant number of friendly alliances means they can’t easily feed their troops. This is a sacrifice we all make to be good citizens of CL4. We have never planted spies in other alliances or abused people in Global chat and we have never used 1-player alliances to find coordinates or flip wilds (despite all of the above happening to us). We don’t claim to be righteous. We have made mistakes and will make more, but we certainly don’t lack respect for other any Alliance and nor would we ever ask for resources from an alliance if we weren’t willing to stand beside them in battle.

    And finally, with specific regard to the player who dropped out of First Legion to attack Kashyyyk, we apologise. It was of his own accord and not premeditated by FL in any way. The player was a high ranking officer whose wife (also a member of FL) was repeatedly attacked by a group of Kashyyyk members in a coordinated strike. While we don’t condone his actions and would normally never allow this kind of behaviour, we decided in this instance we would allow him back into our ranks with a demotion. Since then he has been reinstated to Officer but currently holds no office.

    Jay (Paeroa)
    First Legion

    • July 12th, 2011

    Well First off, We didn’t attack first, and second it wasn’t a coordinated attack on your member. Your player who was 1.5 million glory higher than ours, attacked and lost. So our member Cleaned yours out, with 60 attacks on his very own. But its impressive to say the least of having you lie about it. We then suffered a coordinated attack by your members. And Won. As I recall, FL dropped from rank 7 to 9 at the hands of the rank 15 Alliance, a total loss of 10 Million glory and we lost 2 defending him.

    Secondly, Telling us to “Pay you” To set our sister friendly will not fly ever. We are one alliance. We didn’t pay to set you friendly for the first and we won’t for the second.

    Thirdly, maybe you should pick your allies better, and your enemies.

    “… However we are a top 10 alliance and reserve the right to farm any alliance 11+. If there are any cases of over farming then bring that to myself or any other officer’s attention to be resolved.” MickeyHouse to THE_FARMER (aka me)

    By your alliances own justifications we have the right to attack you, you aren’t that big, you never were. We are Ex Titans, SouthSiders, & Teutonic Order, we are use to fighting up hill battles, and to say the least, looks like we have the high ground.

    So if you feel like you have too much Res, Feel free to hit us up again 😀

    Sister To Kashyyyk

    One Alliance, One Leadership, All United.

    • Iapetus
    • July 12th, 2011

    leave your allies out of it we will do the same both fls vs kashyyyk and mandalore we support those who support us we do not have any demands for friendly status besides one when called on do it we are of one mind one body and one soul we work as a team play as a team and strive as a team we refuse to have others do what we dont want to do ourselves if we want something done we will do it which is the problem claudius is suffering from now we are willing to lose glory for our friends can other alliances say the same we all know the answer to that and it is no

  2. Thank you FARMER and Iapetus for your quick responses. Please excuse me for taking so long to get back to you. I normally don’t reply to emotive discussion like this too quickly as I find I usually ending up having a mind dump on the page and my argument comes across as though it were written by a 15 year old inbred hick. Now however, I’ve had time to go away and compose myself and search for the facts and hopefully, just hopefully I can present a decent case without sounding like an uneducated, jacked up ‘roid freak watching a brawl outside his trailer-park.

    So I’ll begin with an apology, and say, “sorry”. You’re correct. I didn’t have all the facts on what attack took place and what the counter-attacks were like. I was not in First Legion at the time and don’t have access to the alliance reports. I was only able to go by what I was told by other members. I probably should have mentioned that fact in my original post.

    Moving on, I feel as though I owe you another apology. Certainly this topic of the “pay off” for friendly status is part of what has caused the tension between our alliances. I’ve already explained how we have been unsupported by our allies in the past and that was part of our thinking regarding resource sharing in future friend requests. Now First Legion is very similar to mandalore. Both had humble beginnings and by the sounds of it, had we been friendly with you and requested your help in a battle, you more than likely would have obliged. This was the case with First Legion. While we were ranked even lower than mandalore is now, we were frequently involved in battles with alliances well above us. As a chancellor THE_FARMER identified part of the strategy of this game and suggested “maybe you should pick your allies better, and your enemies”. In the past we made mistakes and we had hoped that by trying to get some kind of barter system working between us and our allies, we would be better positioned moving forward. Unfortunately, mandalore was probably not going to let our requests for assistance in war, go by without action and therefore you really didn’t need to support us with resources. Please understand this was just part of us trying to “pick our allies better”.

    And finally, Iapetus, I’m not entirely sure if you understood my first post, but the you basically reiterated the point I was trying to expose. First Legion, just like Kashyyyk and mandalore and I suspect every other alliance in CL4 only asks one thing of it’s allies and that is support. The issue is that when a low rank alliance asks for friendly status, we have to ask, “will they help us in a battle”. In our experience the answer is “no”. So we can either friend them and lend them our support for nothing, or we can offer them our soldiers in exchange for their resources. I guess the ugly, unfortunate truth is that the world really is “join or be farmed”.

    Overall the only criticism I have is, that while I understand you are one alliance, you do need to realise that not everyone who plays GoR is going to see Kashyyyk and mandalore and assume you’re united. Obviously nothing can really be done about this, but I would suggest messaging people who scout you to inform them of your alliance pact.

    Ok, so, hopefully now we can move on and continue our game with some civility. I hope I have repaired any hurt feelings you have towards First Legion and First Legion II. It certainly wasn’t my intention to start any kind of war. And just to prove that I am willing to keep things as mature as possible, if you’re still not happy, instead of involving our other allies, or Kashyyyk & mandalore members or either of the First Legion’s members, I am willing to make it extremely simple; we can have THE_FARMER and Iapetus in a two-man alliance versus my one-man alliance. That way nobody in either of our alliances gets hurt, and we can settle it all ourselves.

    Jay (Paeroa)
    First Legion

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