What game is it?

Well, globally we are all scared. It has come to the fact, that people are in fact so scared of Awakened that you have let your resistance fighters fall, and there may be no hope left for the domain. You have taken the overlords demands, and abuse. The Conglomerate, a alliance of alliances, has taken over the domain. If you attack their people, they all attack you, Everyone else, just stays quiet.

Titans of Rome, is at war with Awakened, rumors are that RomanRepublic is warring with them too.When they have finally won, and killed the domain. There will be nothing left to do, and their only option will be to attack the members of the Conglomerate.

The Alliances below 15, are almost all dead. The only way this will change, Hope. Give the small guy the idea that he can fight for this realm. That they can in fact reclaim the Glory of Rome, this game is a cross version of Monopoly and Farmville. As long as these Giant Dictators are on top, the realm is dead,.

Take back what is yours, CL4. Redistribute power and strength, and do not mess up where TOR did. Do not let them rebuild.

Whisper in Closed Chat Rooms, Speak to alliances you do not know. For their are many spies, and even more allies to the cause.

Viva la Revolucion!

    • July 12th, 2011

    Viva La Wookie!

    • Amarillo
    • July 12th, 2011

    Great article! Good to see that someone isn’t afraid to speak up! Keep up the good work. There are many people who really appreciate this blog. Thanks gortimes. 🙂

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