Sister Sister

Well some shift up in the sister Alliances, as of late. It looks to be that RomanRepublic has developed a sister alliance after UKR finally closed up shop. Sitting at ranks 7 & 16 today, It appears that the UKR refuses to be forgotten.
Mad hatters on a slow and gradual rise, as Akatsuki New Dawn dubs them their new sister alliance and waves goodbye to their old. It appears that some AND 2 members have sought refuge with Mandalore, sister to Kashyyyk. AND with their new addition sits ranks 4 & 17 on the leaderboard. MH known for being a headstrong bunch. The Wookies are sitting 5 & 15 with Boba Fett as their little sister.

The question on everyone’s mind which will be the best?


Well…That would be untouchables..Looks like they have secured and perfected the Bi-Winning alliance thing first.
Good luck and congrats to the new line up though, it looks to be a very interesting month!

    • midgiticus
    • July 14th, 2011


  1. AND is a great sister to have. They are helpful and have some amazing players in their alliance. We are happy to be their sister!

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