Taking the Gloves off

Well it is more than apparent that there is a war going on with The Awakened and Kashyyyk. Heated words in Global, millions of glory loss. But its quite possible that its just what the realm needed. The Awakened’s food demands were just too much for CL4. But the question we have is Why? Why a war between these two?

From the looks of it, there is a steady decline of members and glory on both sides, and it the battle looks to be exclusive to these two alliances and Mandalore. A fair fight hopefully. Kashyyyk has been getting into minor fights with much of the top ten, usually resulting in ” A quick end to conflicts, and to be on better terms.” A tip quotes.

What we find amazing is, that no alliance has gone up against The Awakened, and inflicted so much damage. Its possible that many of the Awakened aren’t focusing so much on this realm anymore. Regardless of what the outcome is, the Wookies may go down as the single handed best alliance of resistance fighters in recent game history. Not favoring sides, but you have to admit that the task at hand has caused alliances to crumble in a few hours, and made chancellors leave to other realms.

“The Coalition simply can not be so large, Awakened, Untouchables, AND, FL, Vandals and any sister alliances simply leaves no room for others to exist.”-General consensus

We agree, a coalition of such large alliances, simply cannot exist and it will result in the coalition themselves being the only players left in the realm. A thought amongst global followers, is that there is less 2ooo active players in the game.

Play on CL4 the game is getting interesting once more!

    • July 19th, 2011

    Well, we thank you for your words and thoughts. For the first time since I have been playing the game, I no longer see The Awakened as an enemy but more of a friend. Competing with the biggest and best of the game, has put us as a team to the extent of our abilities, and for the first time since our coming together as a group, every member has been ecstatic.

    Kashyyyk and Mandalore are one alliance, and are to be never thought of as anything but. Props to the Wookies, props to The Awakened.

    Wookie for life!

    • Iapetus
    • July 19th, 2011

    We the proud and honorable Wookies wants to show we are not the pacifists everyone thinks we are. I made it look that way but we are first and foremost warriors. In the art of war there is always deceit which i played my hand like a pro. No one saw this coming because of the deceit we played. We made it look like we were on the side of the awakened. But we needed intel on the enemy and as can be plainly seen we are doing a good job with that intel we gained. we have former awakened players helping. Even if we get wiped out there is a lesson for awakened to learn here. Be careful those you call farms has teeth and can and will strike back. We are not afraid i stood my ground against them. Even though i lost in the end i did damage to zwzw and a couple other minor players but it is to prove a point. We will not stand for your bullying any more. Oh and by the way awakened it is time to pay your credit card bills all i can say is i hope your wives don’t divorce you or your parents kill you for the massive money you are spending. Oh and awakened this is to easy like taking candy from a baby.

    V.C. 2nd in command Kashyyyk

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