White Flags by THE_FARMER

Well, globally we do appreciate what you do for CL4, it seems that once this blog came about that the realm is string once again. I do appreciate the homage that you pay to the alliances, and to individual players active or not. So I would like to write an article on the War with Kashyyyk and The Awakened.

Well it was a war of respect, the right to be, the right to belong. The spark, of the tensions and hostilities originated between a light war between us and another alliance. Which he had always had minor shuffles with. It was at this time that The Awakened set us to neutral. It came to light afterwords that the Alliance we had originally had a problem with was friends with TA. It was oblivious to us at the time, but in retrospect I see that alliances having each others back is a far greater for the global society than not. Which could/will/shall be in question to many, but my personal thoughts on the matter are that it is this trust, that enables the realm to be stable. There are many alliances big or small as always, but in the agreements and accords of these alliances to back one another we have a realm with consistency. A realm where the word of alliance holds, and once allies are not left to suffer.

The war, well frankly was the most entertaining thing to happen to my life and career in CL4. The Awakened are a formidable opponent, one that deserves their respects. But what we sought in the war, was more than some went after TA for and less than others. We wanted our own respect. We didn’t go for the title of taking the Awakened down, nor vengeance and retribution. We always sought a peaceful existance with the top 10 and most of the top 20. But as a newly formed alliance, we had those who tested our boundaries and resolve.

“If you want peace, prepare for war.”

As we are/were a new alliance, it would come the time of making a name for ourselves, and with tensions escalating, the roar of our soldiers stomachs aching, it indeed was time for war. The neutrality cause, in most alliances means that you are open to farming. It was never much of a problem, as it is understandable. The bigger alliances have a higher upkeep and therefore any player hoarding resources and not defending is an easy lunch so to speak. Personally I had no problem with this, it would show our members the benefits of not stocking unessential bulk resources.

The problem came to be, when it became over board. Which may have not had so much to do with The Awakened as a whole, but more to do with a single member who was exiting the game and wished to instill a sour taste in the mouth of those who had no problems against him. But sacking two of our 9-10 Million glory players is not farming but an act of war.

The War, was probably the greatest learning experiences that once could ever learn from, watching the biggest and some of the best players in the realm and the tactics they use. I watched patiently and immobilized as Qamlasi attacked a larger player who was offline. Watching a master of battle mechanics implement destruction with out a single hitch. The event wasn’t upsetting but enticing. Watching everything I had been studying for months come to light. Wave after wave, designed to take out each type of troop and crack a single layer of the fortress until there was no more. The war was not a bulky wrecking ball of destruction, where size made the difference it was knowledge and tactics that dictated the war. Watching as the unknown heads, in Awakened came online and the gears turning on both sides as what to do.

This blog had referenced that the game is three dimensional, and the war brought this theory to light in my mind. As we were flooded with reports, and scouts to confuse our reinforcements, as we did the same. As we sent donkey attacks to mask and hide our real assaults, the taunts over global to make a single player slip of their better judgment and attack a coordinated defense blind.

Both sides lost people in the war, but it is a principal idea in Kashyyyk and from talks as well as The Awakened that the strong survive and the weak will perish. Those who continued to war felt the level of cohesiveness and morale to boost their skills to new heights.

However, nothing is with out an end. To be honest it was a war mongering session over global in which talks went from argumentative and competitive to complacent. It is a warrior who respects a fellow warrior, and it is the place of the leaders to not push their members to no end. It was a few days later it which I had officially asked to disengage hostilities with The Awakened over global.

Talks with Domus, had occurred and we came to a peaceful agreement. In all this time, the game has never been more interesting. Having spoken with a number of Awakened players who were to say the least excellent fighters and even better people. I wish to instill a different thought to the global populous.
A fish in the sea is eaten by a great white shark, the fish next to him, doesn’t think or care or hold a grudge against the shark. The shark is a shark, and completes its purpose in the circle of life. What anyone truthfully must commend, is the system that awakened have designed. Not everyone is a money player, but there are some in every alliance. Truthfully everyone is going to despise whoever is #1 on the board. But it is the cost to be the boss, in which most aren’t willing to bare. It takes a level of coordination, organization and time that most aren’t willing to spend. Before any hasty or ignorant thoughts or messages are thrown around, think of how big the players are, think of what rules and policies must be in place to maintain this. The world isn’t fair nor is GOR, but it has been a very exciting time and given me the opportunity to meet very interesting and respectable players. Play on CL4!

Thank you,


Leader of Mandalore

VC of Kashyyyk

    • Amarillo
    • July 27th, 2011

    Well spoken….and well played…..for this is the strategic battle we all search for in playing gor…..for this the best of us will continue to play on! 🙂 amarillo.

  1. Very Nice Message

    I agree with you completely on almost all the points mentioned and appreciate you as a warrior.

    Just a special remark on QaMlasi attacks I would suggest when you knew that he was hitting somebody active’s main city you or your alliance should have reinforced him instead of sitting aside.

    Apart from it everything was good.


    • July 28th, 2011

    Haha Gangwar, lol. I was trying to be discreet but all my troops were in the apothecary at the moment.

  2. Very nice post. It’s good to see a true report of events and an unbiased reflection on what happened. Thanks for letting us into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the battle, if only for a glimpse.

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