Well if you are like the Many who tried getting in the other night you were a little surprised at Apollo being a bastard, and not letting you in.  The anouncement was that the server would be down from 10 PM Pacific Time, to 12 AM at the time of the server flip. Well it was actually pretty funny that it ended up being till about 2 AM pacific time. Double the amount of time that Kabam said it would be. The nice thing is, if everyone couldn’t bitch in gloabal about GOR, they wasted no time bitching on Kabam’s forums and facebook pages.

Blah blah blah upkeep.

blah blah two hours, blah blah four hours.

It should be Kabullshit, instead of Kabam.

Well all in all we think that new music addition is interesting it now sounds like you are playing Oblivion instead of GOR. It is a nice add on, we just hope that it is set up on browsers to keep the settings, otherwise your boss will actually know your not working lol.

A while back there was some talks from Kabam about adding visual effects, nothing to snazzy though. But we would find it interesting in a sort, as long as the other Roman Warlords approved.


    • mr curious
    • July 29th, 2011

    do you know anything about the upcoming germanic tribes?

    • Amarillo
    • August 1st, 2011

    The addition of sound is okay as long as it doesn’t mess up the game play….we don’t need anything else to slow down the gor response time. Amarillo. 🙂

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