Upkeep Wars!

Well to our shock and surprise today we glance at the leader board and The Awakened is sitting at number #2? We tried to figure out how all this happened. Since the rise of The Awakened they have been #1, today though only briefly they were knocked off their perch. It looks like a number of members have left, and the number of mid sized members has fallen, and the big keep getting bigger. We imagine that this must put heavy strain on the other members to feed the mass that is ZWZW. It is safe to say that that the structure of the smaller members feeding the top members may be crumbling.

It has been made official that Untouchables and Knights Templar are at war. Untouchables temporarily at #1 when the attacks first started, and KT at rank 5. Untouchables now at rank #2, (Feels good to be home!) and KT at Rank 7, currently and from the looks of it still holding. An easy 50 Mil Glory loss on each side, from the looks of it, Eveolution seems to be dropping as well.

Well some say that the realm is dead, and go of crying into their pillow, but
this time has been more interesting to watch then ever!

Watch in amazement for The Upkeep Wars!

    • Baham
    • July 30th, 2011

    It has happened, we have dropped UNT 100mil glory in a little over a day!

    • Faithl3ss
    • August 1st, 2011

    Yes it has happened… yet another war and Baham is on truce !!

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