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No Longer JokysWorld?

Well reports are in, even more the leaderboard says it best. A large scale attack was taken on Joky and the Tyrant sitting at nearly 40 mil has been taken down to 20. We don’t know who was involved, but the stats speak for them selves. The Fallen strike back, which is interesting given the Vandals need in helping TA to hit Kash.

But this brings to light an even more pressing topic. The big boys on top normally smash an alliance out, and the glory hungry Join them, the weak quit, and the strong fight the good fight. But the question is, now that there are so many openly non coalition alliances left on the board, will the coalition win?

Well thats open to debate, but ultimately there is no winning. The Coalition, has driven out so many with their antics of not being able to fight one on one. Nor do they feel the need to adhere to any principals of farming. So they will either kill the enemies in which they created, and the realm will die. Or their self made enemies will quit and the realm will…die.

So we would like to thank and congratulate all of those involved in the partial sacking of the realms biggest scared fighter. And remind all, that the big V on the board may be reminiscent of Vandals, but the truth is Vandals are Vaginas.

Play on CL4!!!



I find your lack of reports most disturbing…

Well he said it best lol. The reports, the amount of reports we cant find is disturbing. Kabam on one of the very first Apollo run away trains, destroyed most of the old reports. We understand that there isn’t much that we can really do. But the old reports are very important to us. Having the old reports allows people to profile an enemy. When they attack, how they attack, do they scout or probe with cavs. And we find this information valuable.

Along with providing a basic amount of intel on battle mechanics, which seems to not be very important for Kabam to let the masses know. Having these reports gives people the ability to research, understand the “Force” of the game so to speak. Of course the reports aren’t full. IE general size, most advanced players know quite a bit about phase and formation, but then again a lot don’t. We are left to the mysteries to the game, and the lack of ability to follow in the footsteps of those who figured them out originally.

Power Ballance

Well as we commented before of the Coalition, for those of you who are blind, 7 alliances of the top ten act as one, and call in favors as needed. But what is interesting is how the balance of power is to coming to change. Illuminati may very well be just what this realm needed. A split of the power in TA, and a now feared rival on the board. The following of Deviouss, and his new alliance may very well end the coalition. Just as TA’s rise to power, and the fleeing members of other alliances to join in to be part of the new leader of the board is bound to happen.

The Illuminati’s cause is so powerful, it seems to have brought members back from the dead. Big Dogs own GrandJulius has returned to the realm to follow into battle the enemy he once fought. As TA’s members seem to be leaving every day and more and more members are joining the silent predator on the board. We wonder if this new power changing alliance may have the power to bring Thorshammer back from the dead as well.

Speculation, maybe. But this will be a realm leveling event, or a realm killing event. We don’t know which, it could be the final grand war, or the grand war that never happened. Many may fear the heat of this next war so much as to flee, or join the new enemy. One thing is certain, there will be only 1 Vengeance on the board. The choice is Vengeance II or III?

Good luck CL4, for the hoarders out there, the reaper is here to collect.

Apollo you bastard…

Well Nothing to the game or any followers of GOR, but Apollo is at it again loosing his chariot. Awfully forgetful bastard isn’t he? The only comments we have, is no timing. In the realm of CL4, there are many players who have an alarm clock set to when they need to start farming again. It used to be that they gave us a time frame and advanced warning, but even with the time frame it was never entirely accurate, possibly a moderator asleep on the job lol.

We hope that all the fuss isn’t over the whole “Barbarians are important thing” That Kabam is trying to push. Frankly we think that they should forget about the barbs, because no amount of NPC troops will ever damage the members on the top 10. We think the best option is for Kabam to take the little 80 glory players, and turn them into something random. Like a new graphic of a destroyed city, on the player map. And attacking them can be fruitful or not. Something like you found the hidden treasure of this fallen empire, kind of thing.

Which could include, some commonly bought items? They probably are too money orientated for that. But the mystery of the game seems to be gone. Players are good, or they are bad simply. The realm has been closed for quite some time now, and there is always room for improvement, but there is no random factor. What if you attacked a 80 glory player and instead of receiving less than a handful amount of res, you got a praetorian training? or 5 gold? Woould make the dynamic of the game a bit more interesting. Or even that upcomming forum trade…Lol

Even that, many people still have crazy amounts of great items that they would happily trade for another, and imperial standing for a Jovian thunder? Just a thought…

Return of the old, loss of the new.

Well Cl4 looks to be in a frenzy of sorts. As Deviouss now registers as Chancellor of 2 Alliances.

However this new one looks to be quite more active. We don’t know what originally set the realm shocker on a new path. But one thing is for sure, he is gaining members and doing so quickly.

The Awakened now sitting at Rank 2, with Untouchables leading the board. This does raise suspicions, as to who will be the next realm leader. Has TA left the stage for good, or is a return to home in mind? Well we don’t know for sure. but it looks to be a very enticing time to be in CL4.

But like all changing times, we tend to gain something new at the cost of loosing something old. Hellsingpriest, and THE_FARMER have left the realm. Not before they made the leader board one last time.

Goricide, and THE END will be the grave yard that these two sit in. Both Chancellors of an alliance at one point or another, both suffering from ALL CAPS RAGE. This time has been of great loss to Cl4 loosing such well known players as Achilles, and Raine recently as well.

But with loss comes something new, Other players are anxious to take their spots on the leader board, and in their roles in the alliances.

We bid you all farewell, and know that the mark you have made will not be forgotten.

Upkeep wars!…Again!

Well again to our surpirse The Awakened once again sit at rank 2. As we did some investigation into this matter and unsurprisingly TA and Kash are warring once more. We again have to give it up to the wookies for their dedication. However from the looks of it, TA are only 10 mil down from rank #1, but the act in doing so is a massive one. Kashyyyk seems to be lightly bleeding members and TA is holding around 80 members.

Well Akatsuki New Dawn and Knights Templar are at it aswell, from the looks of it more members are leaving AND then KT. Massive glory looses on both sides, however KT never fully recovered after their war with UNT. We have to give it up to KT, for a time they had the higest glory to player ratio. And even war torn, they have the power to take down top 5 alliances.

All in all it seems there is a healthy amount of fighting, and even more dedication of players in alliances. What comes up must come down, all things were built to be destroyed, or replaced. Carry on CL4! The Realm and the moderators are watching with anticipation.

The clock strikes 12…Draw

Well Kabam has made time limits of use of certain items IE Ports & Truces. But this last update seems to almost overide the 10 hour ban on porting. The new update allows a person to use a sundial item on attacks. The pros are, this may keep porting down. Port and go warfare seemed to go out the door when the cool off peoriod was put into place. Well unless your Joky or ZW and it wouldn’t matter who hit you they aren’t going to get through lol.

But we feel more and more, that there is a move from Kabam to make Glory of Rome a “Draw” type situation. With the addition of being able to boost the speed of attacks a player could decimate another across the board. There will be no warning from this point on, and the victor may turn to being the card player, as the defending team will have no time to allign reinforcments effectively.

A fair or unfair playing field? That is for you to decide, we feel that it is pointless to have the cool down period on porting as of this update. Though, it will be interesting to see entire alliances become victim over night to this proceedure. Reinforcing may stretch alliances too thin, as the reinforcements go out, the attacks hit, reinforcements won’t return in time for the next waves of attacks.