The clock strikes 12…Draw

Well Kabam has made time limits of use of certain items IE Ports & Truces. But this last update seems to almost overide the 10 hour ban on porting. The new update allows a person to use a sundial item on attacks. The pros are, this may keep porting down. Port and go warfare seemed to go out the door when the cool off peoriod was put into place. Well unless your Joky or ZW and it wouldn’t matter who hit you they aren’t going to get through lol.

But we feel more and more, that there is a move from Kabam to make Glory of Rome a “Draw” type situation. With the addition of being able to boost the speed of attacks a player could decimate another across the board. There will be no warning from this point on, and the victor may turn to being the card player, as the defending team will have no time to allign reinforcments effectively.

A fair or unfair playing field? That is for you to decide, we feel that it is pointless to have the cool down period on porting as of this update. Though, it will be interesting to see entire alliances become victim over night to this proceedure. Reinforcing may stretch alliances too thin, as the reinforcements go out, the attacks hit, reinforcements won’t return in time for the next waves of attacks.

    • Amarillo
    • August 13th, 2011

    I don’t like the latest updates that kabam put into place….the extra menu…the extra clicks to do the same thing that used to be done much easier….or the speed up on attacks. Boooooooooooo to the latest update! 😦 Amarillo.

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