Upkeep wars!…Again!

Well again to our surpirse The Awakened once again sit at rank 2. As we did some investigation into this matter and unsurprisingly TA and Kash are warring once more. We again have to give it up to the wookies for their dedication. However from the looks of it, TA are only 10 mil down from rank #1, but the act in doing so is a massive one. Kashyyyk seems to be lightly bleeding members and TA is holding around 80 members.

Well Akatsuki New Dawn and Knights Templar are at it aswell, from the looks of it more members are leaving AND then KT. Massive glory looses on both sides, however KT never fully recovered after their war with UNT. We have to give it up to KT, for a time they had the higest glory to player ratio. And even war torn, they have the power to take down top 5 alliances.

All in all it seems there is a healthy amount of fighting, and even more dedication of players in alliances. What comes up must come down, all things were built to be destroyed, or replaced. Carry on CL4! The Realm and the moderators are watching with anticipation.

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