Return of the old, loss of the new.

Well Cl4 looks to be in a frenzy of sorts. As Deviouss now registers as Chancellor of 2 Alliances.

However this new one looks to be quite more active. We don’t know what originally set the realm shocker on a new path. But one thing is for sure, he is gaining members and doing so quickly.

The Awakened now sitting at Rank 2, with Untouchables leading the board. This does raise suspicions, as to who will be the next realm leader. Has TA left the stage for good, or is a return to home in mind? Well we don’t know for sure. but it looks to be a very enticing time to be in CL4.

But like all changing times, we tend to gain something new at the cost of loosing something old. Hellsingpriest, and THE_FARMER have left the realm. Not before they made the leader board one last time.

Goricide, and THE END will be the grave yard that these two sit in. Both Chancellors of an alliance at one point or another, both suffering from ALL CAPS RAGE. This time has been of great loss to Cl4 loosing such well known players as Achilles, and Raine recently as well.

But with loss comes something new, Other players are anxious to take their spots on the leader board, and in their roles in the alliances.

We bid you all farewell, and know that the mark you have made will not be forgotten.

    • Amarillo
    • August 22nd, 2011

    Changing times in Claudius 4 are not all welcome sites! The_Farmer may be gone but will not be forgotten and will always be the best chancy I ever had the pleasure to get to know. ❤ to him and the best of luck in future endeavors……big hugs…..Ama.

    • Jeremy
    • August 25th, 2011

    yes farmer could reach-around the entire map like no other…

    he will be missed at all chirstmas and YMCA parties…

  1. Well Farmer, You helped this blog out immensely. It may have been just a tool to help your alliance, however you will missed. Thank you my friend, and best luck on your travels.


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