Apollo you bastard…

Well Nothing to the game or any followers of GOR, but Apollo is at it again loosing his chariot. Awfully forgetful bastard isn’t he? The only comments we have, is no timing. In the realm of CL4, there are many players who have an alarm clock set to when they need to start farming again. It used to be that they gave us a time frame and advanced warning, but even with the time frame it was never entirely accurate, possibly a moderator asleep on the job lol.

We hope that all the fuss isn’t over the whole “Barbarians are important thing” That Kabam is trying to push. Frankly we think that they should forget about the barbs, because no amount of NPC troops will ever damage the members on the top 10. We think the best option is for Kabam to take the little 80 glory players, and turn them into something random. Like a new graphic of a destroyed city, on the player map. And attacking them can be fruitful or not. Something like you found the hidden treasure of this fallen empire, kind of thing.

Which could include, some commonly bought items? They probably are too money orientated for that. But the mystery of the game seems to be gone. Players are good, or they are bad simply. The realm has been closed for quite some time now, and there is always room for improvement, but there is no random factor. What if you attacked a 80 glory player and instead of receiving less than a handful amount of res, you got a praetorian training? or 5 gold? Woould make the dynamic of the game a bit more interesting. Or even that upcomming forum trade…Lol

Even that, many people still have crazy amounts of great items that they would happily trade for another, and imperial standing for a Jovian thunder? Just a thought…

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