Power Ballance

Well as we commented before of the Coalition, for those of you who are blind, 7 alliances of the top ten act as one, and call in favors as needed. But what is interesting is how the balance of power is to coming to change. Illuminati may very well be just what this realm needed. A split of the power in TA, and a now feared rival on the board. The following of Deviouss, and his new alliance may very well end the coalition. Just as TA’s rise to power, and the fleeing members of other alliances to join in to be part of the new leader of the board is bound to happen.

The Illuminati’s cause is so powerful, it seems to have brought members back from the dead. Big Dogs own GrandJulius has returned to the realm to follow into battle the enemy he once fought. As TA’s members seem to be leaving every day and more and more members are joining the silent predator on the board. We wonder if this new power changing alliance may have the power to bring Thorshammer back from the dead as well.

Speculation, maybe. But this will be a realm leveling event, or a realm killing event. We don’t know which, it could be the final grand war, or the grand war that never happened. Many may fear the heat of this next war so much as to flee, or join the new enemy. One thing is certain, there will be only 1 Vengeance on the board. The choice is Vengeance II or III?

Good luck CL4, for the hoarders out there, the reaper is here to collect.

    • Baham
    • August 25th, 2011


    • yours
    • September 1st, 2011

    Deviouss….You are magnificent….Awesome, in fact. You always have been. And yes, you know who this is.

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