I find your lack of reports most disturbing…

Well he said it best lol. The reports, the amount of reports we cant find is disturbing. Kabam on one of the very first Apollo run away trains, destroyed most of the old reports. We understand that there isn’t much that we can really do. But the old reports are very important to us. Having the old reports allows people to profile an enemy. When they attack, how they attack, do they scout or probe with cavs. And we find this information valuable.

Along with providing a basic amount of intel on battle mechanics, which seems to not be very important for Kabam to let the masses know. Having these reports gives people the ability to research, understand the “Force” of the game so to speak. Of course the reports aren’t full. IE general size, most advanced players know quite a bit about phase and formation, but then again a lot don’t. We are left to the mysteries to the game, and the lack of ability to follow in the footsteps of those who figured them out originally.

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