No Longer JokysWorld?

Well reports are in, even more the leaderboard says it best. A large scale attack was taken on Joky and the Tyrant sitting at nearly 40 mil has been taken down to 20. We don’t know who was involved, but the stats speak for them selves. The Fallen strike back, which is interesting given the Vandals need in helping TA to hit Kash.

But this brings to light an even more pressing topic. The big boys on top normally smash an alliance out, and the glory hungry Join them, the weak quit, and the strong fight the good fight. But the question is, now that there are so many openly non coalition alliances left on the board, will the coalition win?

Well thats open to debate, but ultimately there is no winning. The Coalition, has driven out so many with their antics of not being able to fight one on one. Nor do they feel the need to adhere to any principals of farming. So they will either kill the enemies in which they created, and the realm will die. Or their self made enemies will quit and the realm will…die.

So we would like to thank and congratulate all of those involved in the partial sacking of the realms biggest scared fighter. And remind all, that the big V on the board may be reminiscent of Vandals, but the truth is Vandals are Vaginas.

Play on CL4!!!

    • fin
    • August 30th, 2011

    lol that’s a joke like everyone does not know it was fin and tory that
    took out the bully that clams not to be one ,
    let dear jock go head to head with me ill drop and he drops
    we fight ill show u the best in c4 im 1/2 is his size and will take him out
    as he started this not use

    • August 31st, 2011

    Oooh now Unonome was really rude! How can you say Vandals are like Vaginas? That is an insult to all vaginas in the world!


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