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A tribute to Claudius 4

Regardless of what anyone says, having spoken to people in other realms, that are closed as well. Claudius 4 has taken the crown for highest active, and most competitive realm. The idea of more than one person being over 15 million glory has other realms in shock. So I say that Claudius 4 is more productive for Kabam, than most realms, and therefore too productive too let go. So as a tribute to all of members big and small Gor Times, would like to empasise some of the chancellors, and alliances that are unique to our realm. There are 4 categories.


We fight back-D.Section 8
Done Playing-Balou
I am a farm-D.Ryan
clitorious Dominus biggustitus
Anus_Assaultous Dominus That_Guy
Pissed Dominus Punketeer
Plan b Dominus Energyfreak
WARGASM Dominus rednecks
United Stonners Dominus Stonned
upyourbum Dominus nutt
ho ho ho Dominus PLAN
YourDaddy Dominus Vader
Bakers of Doom Dominus Cakie
Inglorius bastards Dominus Jerre
Space Ninja Pirates Dominus BlackLotus
Vandalismus Dominus BadAssimus
420 Elite Dominus Drunkhacker
The Kraven Empire Dominus Biggus_Diccus
yummywilds Dominus dontmesswithme
fyou Dominus Steinman
POTnation Dominus johnnypotsmoker
Iv got a Nuke Dominus Cre8or
Aryans Dominus Aryan
DoTa BOYZZ Dominus TiTy
das 3rd reich Dominus Newbius-36L5
biggus dickus mob Dominus pooboi
ARYAN Allays Dominus ARASH
BallsOut Dominus Steveolius

Rap Moguls

Brick Squad-D.DurtyjParr
bentlyspeeps Dominus papamagnimus
Bad Boy Inc Dominus meridiusdecimus
ghetto dynamic Dominus ghettodynamick
PimpSlappin Everyone Dominus DominusPimpin

thorisalamer Domina Vap0r
DevioussIsAnInsaneWanker Dominus lightdrizzle

The Awakned-D.McEvilBoyLikker
Titans of RomeX-D.JovankaOrleanka
vendetta Dominus Anakis
BigDog Dominus Quintus_Lazarus
revengie Dominus Normaliusfxxk

We just have to say, like the rapture that was suppose to happen that never came, a blog simply cannot decide the fate of Claudius 4. From a business perspective, this game was designed to make you want to keep playing and investing money. So why would Kabam just let that go? Good point. They wouldn’t Claudius 4 is a cash cow, and many of the updates, and give a ways have been directed towards making Claudius 4 work. IE Great harvest! So here at Gor Times, we say F*ck you blogilllion!