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Alexander the Great

Here at Gor Times, we believe it is time to honor a person who has been mentioned many times, and give them credit for their feats. The title of Alexander the Great goes to no one less than Thorshammer, of Titans of Rome.

You somehow amassed a grand army, with loyal generals, and fierce competitive nature that brought you many victories. However it may have been that your dreams were simply too large for most to see. Like Alexander the Great you lead a fierce campaign and for a long time, and it was successful. However with dreams and ambitions so large, you may have forgotten to take care of your men along the way. Somewhere between all of the fighting many Titans seemed to loose hope as there seemed to be no end in sight. Your willingness to massacre your enemies to no end, placed fear in the hearts of many. Today we pay tribute to you Thor, your influence on CL4 cannot be forgotten and the disturbances that were felt around the realm was simply the drum of war that the Titans played as the marched forward to victory. You are a great leader, and today Gor Times plays the drum of war to your tune.


The fall of Western Titans?

Just as the heart of Rome fell, leading to the dark times, and the eastern empire to limp on. Today it is official, TOR II the heart of the empire is no more. TOR II Dropped down to rank 169 leaving Cojack the MIA hand of Thor, the only member left at 912k Glory. It is safe to say that to any that could locate TOR II, it is farming grounds. Today the titans buried a piece of the empire, but the book is not closed. They are not the first empire to let their sister alliance go, and will not be the last. As seen in Big Dogs/BD2,3,4 and Awakened/Awakened_TG. Centralization may be the new fad of Claudius 4. Instead of sister, sisterly alliances.

Titans of Rome

It was a sad day to check the alliance tab, and see that Thorshammer is no longer leading TOR, Angelicious the former VC is now head of the once great Titan Empire. Though TOR II, appears to be a graveyard sitting in rank 28. We can only confirm that Cojack the long lived leader of TOR II, is in fact MIA, and his cities had taken a small beating and finally wiped out, for whatever resources this banking giant had amounted. Your cities will stand in monument as a great leader amongĀ  the many that paved today’s Claudius 4.

However not all news with TOR is a downer! Titans of Rome have cleaned house and sit somewhere between rank 10-12 with only 84 members. Will we remember the Titans? Or will they refuse to be forgotten? Only time will tell. Taking a quick look around Augustus 201 I am pleased to see that Thorshammer is Chancellor of Gladiators and looks to rekindle the spirit of the Titan Empire in a new realm! Sitting at rank 16, they seem to have a jump on this realm and with the Traditional Titan line up at his side.! Including the infamous Damien 21, and Angelicious, aka AvengingAngel, Raven_Maniac, and a person by the name of Baham! Will this realm be in the age of the Gladiators with this all star line up?