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Well, there is a group of groups with the intent of claiming and reclaiming the top 10 for their own. It was surprising today, after a number of different tips to have it confirmed so openly on this very blog. A number of tips after the post confirmed the alliances that plan to attack, and those expected to be hit.

Titans of Rome, Knights Templar, and FL 1 & 2 are in an accord to attack The Awakened, Untouchables & Kashyyyk.

Well we have noticed that FL has been moving members from their second alliance to their first, to keep their spot in the top ten, and to prepare to war. Including a new member as the Chancellor of FL 2. TOR has moved the active members from BD over, and are currently at war with The Awakened.

TOR is seemingly trying to take revenge on Untouchables for attacking in the Second Great War, and Kashyyyk for the founding members abandoning TOR & TOR II during that time. FL has reportedly had a number of skirmishes with Kashyyyk, and has refused to set their sister alliance to friendly unless paid 100 Million Food.

Well….We think you guys are absolutely nuts.

But lets play this out…

Awakened and Untouchables play nice, so that they don’t farm you into another realm, well unless your TOR. And Kashyyyk… Well they will convince you to set them to friendly lol. So we predict that the tag team champions will box you up a little, make everyone think that they put up a good fight, before breaking an alliance and a half each.


Ding Ding Ding!!!



Its the quiet ones you have to worry about…

I have been asked in multiple times to do tributes on people, but the quantities for this person by far out weigh all, and through the sifting of letters I have learned what this person has done for many people. But even further how this person in an indirect manner shaped Claudius 4. We are proud to present a new segment called Gods of Rome, and our first Deity to be chosen is Stranger of Titans of Rome.

Stranger, the quiet and continually absent Vice Chancellor of Titans of Rome. But the truth behind this quiet fellow is that he did more for the Titans, than any other Titan before or after him. He and the rest of Claudius 4 had no idea that the tools he brought to the table would dictate the battles and intensity this game is to be played. Though we consider this to be trade secrets of TOR which we will not reveal. What we can say is that he brought infrastructure and planning to the heights of Mt.Olypus. And with his ingenuity, dictated how effective battles were to executed in this realm. There is no mountain or plain that you could hide behind, Stranger will find you. Stranger is a founding member of the titans, and a loyal member. And may be considered the sole reason Titans ruled.  Thorshammer , damien21 were the hands of the Titans, Angelicious the bold shoulder, but Stranger was the brains, and the silent cool that a warrior needs in combat. He counterbalanced the hard determined will for destruction that the Titans are known for, with smarts of a battle hardened warrior.

Stranger, you have effected every member that has come into this realm, and every member that a Claudius 4 member will decimate in the future. It is safe to say that you personally, have taught scores of people how to play this game with a level of precision that didn’t exist before. For your dedicated actions, We Declare you the first God of Rome. Mercury is your name, for you are a messenger from the Gods, to us wee players. Bearing gifts of strength, insight & technology that is beyond the reach and scope of most humans.  As our names change, and marks forgotten you leave behind a way of thinking which will bring any person to success that dares to try your shoes.

The Wild Card

Its on the tip of everyone’s tongue, you just don’t know how to say it.

Kashyyyk- (Cash-eeik)-Planet of the Wookie’s in the Star Wars universe.

What are they and where are they from? Well after a quick look around their page you see a lot of common names that were in TOR II, It looks like this group of rebels may have been the reason TOR II collapsed. But given the tyrannical rule of the Falling titans, who could blame them for leaving? Dominus Claarc is the Chancellor of these rogue wookies, but many remember him as the only person with common sense and good judgment in TOR. This group of people may succeed where TOR failed. Like a group of ex titans, they have a strong sense of community and willingness to go to war. Even though their main objective is to be diplomatic. Sitting around 30 members and in the close quarters of being top 20 material, these people stand tall in their shortness. After having numerous skirmishes with different alliances on the top 20, they continue the ways of TOR, but with a humble approach.

All in all, we sit back and question this tortoise alliance that proceeds on their slow march forward with out fear. If you plan or are thinking of a merger. Troy would be a great asset. You are the same type or warrior, just different clans. If you could agree on waving the same flag, Your lateral move upward would start at the rabbits speed. We don’t know if they have a merger in mind, but one thing that is certain is that, they play the game with their own rules and own way.


Hats off to the wookies!



The fall of Western Titans?

Just as the heart of Rome fell, leading to the dark times, and the eastern empire to limp on. Today it is official, TOR II the heart of the empire is no more. TOR II Dropped down to rank 169 leaving Cojack the MIA hand of Thor, the only member left at 912k Glory. It is safe to say that to any that could locate TOR II, it is farming grounds. Today the titans buried a piece of the empire, but the book is not closed. They are not the first empire to let their sister alliance go, and will not be the last. As seen in Big Dogs/BD2,3,4 and Awakened/Awakened_TG. Centralization may be the new fad of Claudius 4. Instead of sister, sisterly alliances.